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Dorna van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal, 

Born in a family that lived and worked in the Dutch Indies for several centuries. Rudolf Steinerschool, Haarlem, the Netherlands. Graduated in directing & production Dutch Film and Television Academy, Amsterdam. Postgraduate Storytelling & Directing, Master of Fine Arts, American Film Institute, Los Angeles. Directed and produced feature films, documentaries, music videos, and animated shorts. Worked as an executive producer for British Lion in England, Cineventura, and Stichting Filmproject, Amsterdam.


Wouter W. van der Schaargraduated as a clinical psychologist at the University of Amsterdam. Until 2000 worked as a psychologist in the department of skin diseases of the Academic Medical Center. PhD on a psychodermatological topic of patients with chronic skin diseases. Involved in and worked in the establishment of the first chronic pain clinic in the Netherlands in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis Amsterdam, and also in the first Obesity Clinic in Hilversum. Specialized as a trauma psychologist in the PTSD problem and worked until 2013 at the Institute for Psychotrauma (IvP) for help to Dutch people at home and abroad (café fire Volendam, fireworks disaster Enschede, Tsunami). Involved in the development of protocol for the treatment and treatment of police officers with PTSD at the Police Diagnosis Center (PDC) University of Amsterdam. Was as a child  interned in a Japanese camp.                                                                                                                                                                 


Lea Wongsoredjo was born in Paramaribo in Suriname and grew up in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She produced  feature films for Altamira Productions, and is series producer for Stichting Filmproject.

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In Memoriam

Co-founder and former board member of the Film Project Foundation, General bd G.L.J. (Govert) Huijser passed away on January 5, 2014 in Roosendaal.

In the 1980s, three-star General Huijser was an adjudant in the extraordinary service of HM the Queen and was appointed Chief of Defense Staff. Mr. Huijser also wrote poems and was an inspired speaker who was of great significance for the memory of the Dutch East Indies during WWII. In addition to his countless other contributions to society, Govert Huijser supported the Film Project Foundation in initiating the War Stories portrait series in collaboration with the Guest Teachers Foundation. The beloved old general was a great source of inspiration and he shared his experiences gained in a Japanese camp in a moving narration.