The Whispering Queen

Joe Romano, an American method actor who is about to make his big breakthrough, is asked to play the lead in a movie which is shot in Amsterdam. He portrays a cynical nightclub owner involved in criminal activities on the side. During the shooting of the movie, the intensity of the acting process take it's toll. Joe is so immersed in his character that his actions lead to him being arrested and imprisoned for a long time. Is Joe guilty or innocent? Jacky Staudt is the host of a new reality show about true crime. Her own past as a famous actress who made some wrong decisions plays a big part in the confrontation with her subject. Together with Joe, she investigates where it all went wrong. And what they already know for certain: acting can be a dangerous profession and the process a mystery, sometimes impossible to control.

 Running Time: 92

Starring: Joe Maruzzo

Directed by Dorna van Rouveroy

Produced by Lea Wongsoredjo